Accounting Practice Management Software

Athena Internship Management Software Will Simplify Your Life

  • Accounting workflow software design by an accountant
  • Automate and customize your project workflows with ease
  • Electronic document management

Our Benefits

Designed for accountants

Let automations take over the manual tasks.
Establishing your business workflow ensures that your most important processes are done the right way, every time.

On the computer, smartphone or tablet

Staff and managers will be more agile as they can perform their tasks anytime, anywhere.

Electronic document management

Time savings in bringing customer documents to the cloud by having them just one click away, seamlessly syncing them with your contact database.

Ease of file storage

Use a board-style task management for all projects and tasks. Create tasks, drag and drop them between different boards and work more efficiently.

Safety features

Strict security protocol and periodic backup on the storage of all the files that belong to each company.

Time tracker

Keep track of time spent on a task with the built-in timer. Keep track with start, stop, pause, and custom entry. Easily calculate the load also for hourly jobs.

Why is Athena Practice Management Software your Best Option?

To Increase The Efficiency of Your Equipment

Athena WorkFlow features include a customizable task board to manage task status, assignee, due date, hours spent, and more.

More Control for Your Processes

Its main benefit is its ability to recognize information that is in progress when a problem occurs and use Athena WorkFlow technology to search its database.

Customer Support

We have technical support to support you and provide you with timely advice giving you the tools you need

Automatic Document Management

By documenting automatically, Athena WorkFlow helps manage and distribute knowledge across the enterprise, as well as making it easier for users to create manuals or consult such documentation.

Prices and Plans at Your Fingertips

We have two types of plans: Monthly and Annual which has a 25% discount, don't worry about any extra charges, remember that at Athenas WorkFlow we treat you with white gloves
Do Yourself A Favor And Get The Right Tools For The Job!
"Don't Confuse Activity With Achievement"

A percentage of the proceeds go to sponsor a small business education.


Athena Workflow is practice management software that is also called client management software, accounting practice management software, or due date tracking software.

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